Friday, June 24, 2011

2nd Napkin 82

“Don’t worry about them. They will always be bothering us somehow,” he told her. “Look! It’s Bandy and Bandit and all of our forest friends!” So the friends enjoyed a brief reunion and then headed back to the yellow fairy village. Splendor and Yelia were very weak, but they were still overjoyed at the sight of their lovely baby girl, whom they thought had perished. After several days of recovery, things were starting to get back to normal around the village. “Hedgie?” said Chester. “Yes,” said Hedgie. “I wonder where Abercrombee is,” he continued. “I do to,” said Hedgie. “But, I am certain we will meet again.”

[ Well, this is the end of the second napkin story. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Next will be the story that started it all. Thanks for reading. KD ~j~ ]

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