Friday, June 10, 2011

2nd Napkin 74

At that, Squalor said, somewhat surprised, “You have my ring!” Then he put out his paw and demanded, “Give it to me, NOW!” “Yes, yes, your precious ring,” said Abercrombee coolly. “To think that after all of this time that I have wanted it so strongly …then, when I finally held it in my hand …it meant absolutely nothing to me.” Squalor clenched his paw and put it in Abercrombee’s face and said, sarcastically, “Well …isn’t that poetic …now, like I said, give it to me, NOW!” Then Ebonius stepped in between them and looked sharply into Squalor’s face and said, “And like I said, you have something we want, so give them to us, NOW!”

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